Industries Served

From conception to delivery, you can depend on DuPak Inc. to provide superior service and high quality packaging solutions for produce, dairy, frozen, dry goods, pet food and more!

Dry Goods Products

DuPak offers a diverse variety of high quality printed pouches and bags in laminated and monolayer options for optimal presentation and quality preservation of your dry goods. Pouches are available with partial clear windows to provide shoppers with a view of the product inside.

Packaging Applications
Dry Fruits & Nuts
Candy & Confectionary

Fresh Produce

Keep your products fresh and long-lasting with Dupak’s custom stand-up pouches and bags. Made by our state-of-the-art pouching machines and available in a wide variety of shapes and materials, our fresh produce pouches are second to none in graphics and quality construction. With high quality rotogravure print capabilities, DuPak can produce pouches to meet any size, performance, and graphic reproduction needs.  Our pouches can be designed with a wide variety of shapes, fitments, and convenient closures including traditional press-to-close zipper as well as slider zip.

DuPak offers fresh produce growers and shippers the following packaging options:
Bags & Pouches
Clamshells & Trays
Liner Bags

Frozen Products

DuPak Inc. provides a wide selection of flexible packaging products for all your frozen food packaging needs. Our frozen food packaging line delivers excellent shelf appeal with high-quality graphics in a variety of construction styles. Our packaging also maintains appropriate moisture levels and proper temperature protection for your products.  Along with retail packaging, we also manufacture foodservice and industrial-size flexible packaging for your frozen food needs.

As part of our on-going commitment to sustainability in packaging, we are excited to offer a 100% recyclable PE pouch. This eco-friendly pouch is made from recyclable Polyethylene material while still retaining the same high-quality print and protective properties you expect from DuPak products.

We are always happy to answer any questions or listen to feedback about our products.

Stand out from the competition by including convenience features your shopper will appreciate:
Resealable closure (available in press- to- close, slider zip or hook and loop)
Tear notch
Gusseted bottom

Lawn & Garden

Packaging your lawn and garden products can be a challenge. Seeds, fertilizers, compost, and potting soil each possess unique qualities that require specialized packaging solutions to ensure consistency and quality. You need packaging that can protect your product from the elements while displayed outdoors, yet still maintain your vibrant and eye-catching graphics.


*Lawn and garden products effectively and successfully packaged in a stand up bag design

Dupak provides flexible bags and pouches for lawn & garden applications including:
Bark & soil products
Bird feed*
Grass seed, flower seed, hydro mulch
Ice melter
Lawn fertilizer*
Outdoor animal feed*
Outdoor cleaning supplies*
Plant food*
Stone and sand
Tree and shrub fertilizer*
Vegetable seeds*

Pet Food

DuPak supplies all types of pet food bags and pouches including dry food, treats, bones and other pet products. Smaller treat pouches are typically in press to close or slider stand up pouches. Larger bags are usually in quad seal side gusseted bags with various closure options including slider zip, press to close, and the latest hook & loop (‘Velcro’) technology. The hook and loop closure system is an efficient and user-friendly alternative to regular or slider zippers.

Pet Food Packaging Options
Overwrap film
Laminated and printed bags
Laminated and printed polywoven bags
Standard polywoven bags
Reinforced handle laminated pouches
High barrier laminated pouches


DuPak provides specialty high barrier, multi-layer pharmaceutical packaging options in pouches and roll stock options. DuPak offers a wide range of child resistant packaging solutions from single-use to reclosable pouches with a variety of zipper styles, from sliding tab zippers to press to close zippers.

All of our pharmaceutical grade structures exhibit the following quality standards:
Excellent oxygen-barrier
Effective odor-barrier
High puncture-resistance
Effective chemical resistance
Child Resistant Reclosable Solution